• Open an account with one of the Brokerage Houses of the Caracas Stock Exchange and set the payment conditions.

  • Ask information about the stock or bond that you wish to buy or about the issuing company.

  • Place a telephone order with your broker and ratify it by hard copy right away (either by fax or letter).

  • Confirm the execution of the order with the broker.

  • Pay with a non-endorsable secured cheque.

  • Authorize the opening of a subaccount in the Central Depositary of Securities (Caja Venezolana de Valores).

  • Fill the form "Letter of Transfer of Buyer" issued by the broker.

  • If you are a new client, you must fill your personal card before the Broker or Brokerage House.

  • Whatch for the stock prices. You have made an investment with risk. The prices of stocks, rise and decline according to the offer and demand.

  • For further information, go to your brokerage house or come directly to the Caracas Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Caracas), or browse our web site at

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